Monday, 22 July 2013

..and the re-edit commences forthwith!

 A View To An Edit!

As 'Times Hearts' has now been published, I have set to task on the final re-edit of my first novel, 'The Seasons May Drift.' I have already designed a brand new cover for it. I will be making the new cover public soon, once I have completed the re-edit.

After this is completed I will begin work on a fact based book
'Scenes from a Journey' which is me dabbling in a bit of journalism in a miniscule way. This book covers two aspects, a journey told through recounts of places I remember from my childhood and also my traveling endeavors in various towns and cities as an adult.

So keep 'em peeled!

My books are all available, currently free, direct from the publishers. Please click on which books you may be interested to read. Click on a book cover to the right of this column, it will bring you directly to the publishers download page. Enjoy!


Aside of all of that, having five books published, I still feel very much the new kid on the block, when it comes to writing. I am never very sure of it. Always questioning if I have done enough. Am I any good at writing and all literary questions fly into my mind. I have learnt along the way, so far, that if it is good enough, it IS good enough.  We all make mistakes and no one book is perfect from scratch. I am just happy that as a newbie author that people are reading my books and that my dream, ever since I was a child, to write these stories and have them published has come true. I just hope I have enough time to write them all.


                  “I'm writing a book. I've got the page numbers done.” - Steven Wright

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