Friday, 19 September 2014

Book Journey!


I have found myself in a whirlwind these past few months. My creative energies have been thrown into my art work. Although this has been a front runner this past while, I have sort of neglected writing my next book, which I have been adding too here and there, it is still on the agenda to be published quite possibly sometime late next year. Yes, it will take that long unfortunately at the rate I am writing. Well seriously, I am not a book factory and churning them out every few months, nor do I have an editor to help with this. I have no deadlines and no 'I must or else' quotes to push me forward and get typing!

I want to enjoy the journey of this book and not feel that I have to push myself to get it published ahead of everything.. I have learnt from past mistakes not to do this. One step at a time is very important. Immersion in the pages of a book any novelist is writing is a good thing.. Immersing  yourself  in  each scene, character and plot development etc

Will  post an update on my novel  soon. So far I'm at Chapter Nine  and have already passed a  critical point  in the story!

More  soon!


          ''Dream amongst the stars,for out there is where your imagination and story is'