Saturday, 29 June 2013

Times in July!

Forward Write

I have been formatting 'Times Hearts' and got an idea for another short story to add to this has set the publication to July. I won't give a specific date, as I have done so before. I  am enjoying writing this book and I have a few firm favourite short stories from it.

In other writing news, my re-editing of my first published novel 'The Seasons May Drift' will begin in earnest in July/August. I am eager to get this sorted as there was a few minor errors that had been overlooked. But these don't distract from the story so it is not a major issue.

I have had a lot going on recently and time is more constrained now so my hours to write are even less :( but hopefully this will be sorted soon. Thanks for your patience whilst awaiting publication of my next book.

In the meanwhile, check out my other books, currently all e-books, but will be available in paperback soon and limited signed copies.
For now my books can be found in all good online book stores including iTunes, Barnes&Noble, Sony e-Reader,, Smashwords and other good book outlets.
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Friday, 7 June 2013

Here soon!

Here soon!

Publication of my book of short stories 'Times Hearts' is delayed. It will not now be published until July. Most likely mid July.. It has been complicated by a mini novella, which needed some tending too and a short story that is still not complete.
Sorry about the delay. Thank you for your patience.

A re-edit of 'The Seasons May Drift' will commence once 'Times Heart's is published. Then after, work will commence on 'Scenes from a Journey' and later this year, the audio version of my first book 'The Promise.'

Next year sees work beginning on a historical romance novel.  Which will most likely take some many months to complete, if not a year. The novel, it is hoped, will be published in paperback and available through my blog and website to purchase, with limited signed copies available.. It will not be available in eBook form, although a sample chapter will be made available online.
All this to come.

I am rather excited by the work that is yet to be written. I love the creative process of writing a book and all that it entails, bar formatting of course!

Will update again in the next day or so!

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Tuesday, 4 June 2013


Publication of my next book 'Times Hearts' is delayed by one day! I had intended to have it published on Wednesday the 5th of June but I am still working away on finishing up a story which is taking longer than anticipated.
I did so hope to have it finished by today but alas this was not to be. The  book contains a number of short stories and a mini novella.

Blog Update later today