Sunday, 21 April 2013

Write Away!

 News and Announcements

I'm currently midway through my next book 'Times Hearts.' The book, although intended just for short stories, will include a mini novella.

As of this minute, I have some firm favorite short stories already included. The theme of the book is romance and relationships in the contemporary, fantasy and historical genres. In essence there is something for everyone in it, at least I hope so! The book is set to be published on the 5th of June.

Aside of writing, I will be hosting another 24 hour Twitter Fundraiser for Pancreatitis Research on the 26th. The last one I just made it to the 24hrs. 

I am hoping this time round that I can raise more money for such a worthy cause and in memory of a very dear close friend Carl Cropley, who lost his battle with Pancreatitis last year.

Please give what you can, no matter how small to help research into pancreatitis and other diseases of the pancreas. Donate what you can, either text or online.


Please note: All donations go directly to the charity so they can continue this vital research.

So far £21 has been raised of a target of £3000. There is a long way to go and even though when I am not doing a 24hr Twitter Fundraisers for the charity, you can still give even the smallest amount by text or online

To Donate by text simply text code:

IMCC50 + donation amount to 70070

To Donate online simply go to

and click Donate

Please please help the charity. I know times are tough but if we all chip in a little then we can do a lot! Thank you so very much x


 “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Friday, 5 April 2013

Writing and Research

News and Updates

'Times Hearts' is my next book. It is a compliation of short stories of romance and relationships, both contemporary and historical. The book is coming along nicely. Still lots to be done. I am not sure about making a trailer for this book, as I have done so with my other books. 'Times Hearts' will be published on the 5th of June this year.

I have lots of research to undertake for an historical romance novel to be published sometime in 2014 or  possibly early 2015. I do have a title for the book already but will not make it available until I have a cover designed and a good amount of the novel written. This will be my biggest novel and challenge to date. I am looking at possibly 80,000 words or more.

I will also be re editing 'The Seasons May Drift' as I am not really happy with it overall. Just needs some adjustments, tweaks, etc, I hope to have this completed sometime in the summer.

'Scenes from a Journey' writing will recommence about August with publication in September or October.

The audio version of  my first published book 'The Promise' will be recorded sometime during the summer/early autumn. Publication to be determined.


'Great is the art of beginning, but greater is the art of ending.' - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow