The Romantic Poets/Writers Column

This column is especially for romantic works, past, present, future. It is to bring about some level of awareness that all romantic poets/writers are not necessarily confined to the halls of history. Contribution is necessary. Talk is necessary.
For people to only think of those romantic poets as deceased and a language that it resigned to the past, is utterly nonsense.  There is a commonality of the use of words/phrases of the time, that still resonate today. Just because a writer or many use the same words/phrasing isn't copying, it is part and parcel of the language used.
If you love history, if you love being immersed in its time, if you love romance and passion, then you know that while to many people it is outdated, complicated, not understood and misinterpreted, yes all of those, but there are many people out there that love this type of writing.
So continue wirh what you are doing and who knows, you may even be the new Wordsworth or the next Jane Austen!!

More on this soon.

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