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Following the publication of my two books, both of these books have received reviews from other authors and readers.

'The Promise' has been featured in an internet newspaper a few times as well as being reviewed by readers.

Review by: Dan Meza 
Being not a big fan of poetry I don't usually read such stuff, but this book is really not what I would expect of a poetry book, there's so many emotions inside this book and so many dark memories that you can at some point relate with the loss of a loved one, real poetry I would call this book.

Review by: Robert Evans 
Would recommend this to other readers of poetry and literature. Being in my late 60s Ive read many poems through out my entire life, the poems in this book are beautiful.
Please write and publish more. Robert Evans.


'The Howling Winds' was featured a few times also on an internet newspaper and reviewed by a reader.

Review by: Michael Phoenix 
10 out of 10! This is a summary of a full review I wrote. From start to finish, Jess keeps the reader off guard using a variety of styles and genres. She even switches up the style of language. The Howling Winds holds true to her description and the preface. It is dark.

The darkness in the book is on more than one level. Some may see it as depressing and morbid. I hope the majority will see it the way I did. A mirror for the side of life and reality we exist in. The side that people do not like to look at. This is a very unique book and style of writing. Please join her journey in this book. I highly recommend it!!!!! Great Job Jess!