Friday, 14 September 2012


It has been a while since I have written a blog entry. This is mostly due to working on my new novel. The Seasons May Drift.' which is an important book for me. Mostly it is my first indulgence in the fantasy romance genre but it is important as this book will be specially dedicated in loving and fond memory to Carl Cropley, as will my next three books.

Why have I chosen to dedicate three books to him you ask? Well firstly, Carl was such a kind and loving soul. Words cannot convey how beautiful a person he was...and is. I felt that this is a small way for me to thank him for everything, ( I could write an extremely mighty long list here! )
It is also as way for me to keep his name and memory, for generations to come, alive :)

Secondly, he was such a very talented VFX Freelance Digital Media Specialist. His talent was simply stunning! He created and designed for many individuals and companies down through the years. He has left us with an incredible legacy.

If you do not know who Carl Cropley is please read my blog post

The other reason why this book is important is that it will be my first published complete novel. I have two others that are gathering dust and hand written on an assortment of paper! So it will be a while before the next one will be published after 'The Seasons May Drift'

In total there will be two other novels. Both of which have titles but will not disclose them just yet!

For now the new trailer for my forthcoming fantasy romance novel 'The Seasons May Drift' is out.

Please view it here:    (NB; Pause music on my Blog before listening to the trailer!)

'The Seasons May Drift' should be published by the end of 2012.

Please check back for more updates


                      'Why do writers write? Because it isn't there!'.- Thomas Berger

Monday, 3 September 2012

Theme to Write!

I am guessing that most of you may wonder at the change in design of my blog. My blog background and banner is just a hint at what my next book is about only hint though mind you!! It is or may not be what you may think it is!!

I have lots to do over the next few weeks as I am working to a deadline! So have been getting my skates on!

Next blog post will be later today or tomorrow!


'I'm writing a book. I've got the page numbers done!'.- Stephen Wright