Saturday, 14 March 2015

A long time ago....

Hello!! So I haven't posted since last year! I haven't written my next book in the last while either! Largely due to my artwork, which had taken precedent over my writing. Just to let you know I have decided to finish my next novel but in an on and off fashion. Some days I will write, some days I will not. I love my writing but I also love my artwork. Trying to marry the two is a struggle!! Sacrifices have to be made I guess!

I have, in my time away from writing, have thought more clearly about what the story is and an important change for one of my characters. The main character has a name problem. I really can't decide what her name is. Soon as I think its right, it starts to wain on me and eventually I don't like the name, it feels so not like her character. She is the only character that I am struggling with name wise.

I have in development another three books. They to me, are all the novels I will write, because they will take a good bit of time to write, I just hope I get to write all of them. (Fingers crossed!)

One book is a series of two or three novels. I have the title for it, the setting and an idea of the story.

The other is a sweeping historical novel. Again, I have the title, the setting and sort of an idea of the story. 

The novel I am currently writing may not be released this year but more likely to be Winter 2016.

Been writing character bios and timelines.

Will update again soon. Sorry this one took so long, but better late than never!! :)


                'Time flies over us, but leaves its shadow behind'. - Nathaniel Hawthorne

Friday, 19 September 2014

Book Journey!


I have found myself in a whirlwind these past few months. My creative energies have been thrown into my art work. Although this has been a front runner this past while, I have sort of neglected writing my next book, which I have been adding too here and there, it is still on the agenda to be published quite possibly sometime late next year. Yes, it will take that long unfortunately at the rate I am writing. Well seriously, I am not a book factory and churning them out every few months, nor do I have an editor to help with this. I have no deadlines and no 'I must or else' quotes to push me forward and get typing!

I want to enjoy the journey of this book and not feel that I have to push myself to get it published ahead of everything.. I have learnt from past mistakes not to do this. One step at a time is very important. Immersion in the pages of a book any novelist is writing is a good thing.. Immersing  yourself  in  each scene, character and plot development etc

Will  post an update on my novel  soon. So far I'm at Chapter Nine  and have already passed a  critical point  in the story!

More  soon!


          ''Dream amongst the stars,for out there is where your imagination and story is'

Monday, 7 July 2014

Today is the day!

Hello there! It has been a rapidly busy past while for me. Although I have been somewhat absent from here,  writing is a continuing factor for me for my next novel.

At the moment I have brought my novel to NaNoWriMo to help push me further and get this novel hurtling towards the end. The end is never an actuality it is rather a premise for editing, and re editing, grammer and spell checks etc. A methodical microscopic chisel away at words, bleeding them away till I have what will be the final render. 'The piece de la resistance,'  the creme de la creme (complete with French accent to boot!)  as I happen to call it lol! etc etc and so forth!
Leaving behind a dusty road spewed with letters and some million other sentences that failed to make the grade!

The task in hand is never actually the task you first set out with, its like that vision you have in your mind, never really expresses itself they way you want to on paper or some negative white pixelated screen that glares at you like some menace!

All that said and done, I am hoping that this novel will be publication ready late next year. Fingers crossed. Yes, it is going to take me that long, and yes, I do hope it will be next year...we shall see!

So this is me signing out until the next post here...

Have an inspiring day :)


              'Write from the source of all knowledge ...your  dreams and imagination!'

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Saturday, 14 June 2014

A Novel Approach..

Since it has been a while since I last posted on here, I just want to give you a few snippets as to how things are going with and about my next book.
The book is a YA Supernatural Fantasy. This will the first time I have written for YA. It is the book I have always wanted to write in part as it will contain scenes in it that I have always wanted to write in a book. Also it has been something on my mind that I cannot seem to shake off.

The research for it presently, seems endless. The characters names are mostly set. The lead female name has been changed a few times, but think I have the right one now. It just has to 'feel' right, and the same goes for all of the characters.

I re-read a passage from the book today and really felt good at what I had written. This book will be the biggest book I have written. I do not know if it will be in two parts or just the one. There is a lot to these characters and a lot of story to tell,  so who knows. I have no idea when this book will be completed but I am rather excited by it and love how the story is unfoldiing.


                                     I love blank pages and watching as the words appear

Monday, 26 May 2014

Ribbons of Colour!

Ribbons of Colour!

The title of this blog post is in reference to something other than literature or is it? Today I was thinking back to my college days when I studied dance. For an exam I was to choreograph a one minute dance piece to any choice of music. My theme for this was to reflect on colours, not like rainbows, but the colours of emotions. Using this theme I created a piece with multicoloured ribbons.

Where does this come in where writing is concerned you may ask?

For me, writing is an art form, it speaks as if it were a painting, a dance, or a play! It should have textures, tones, colours, depth, form, light and shade to name a few. Oh and I will add in layers to that mix! Sometimes writing should go beyond the written word, it has to speak not just as itself but say something about the author, say something more than the characters are saying. Creating colours of emotions, seeing the patterns form, the steps taken, the arrival point at the end of a sentence or the final part of the book...the last line.

It is all about seeing more than there actually is written, the forms that come together before the commencement of that characters life. What is it that brought them that point? Lots to think on, lots to wonder about. There can be much more to a book than at first meets the eye or perhaps even thought about!

It is exactly as it is in most creative art forms, the depth, colours, light and layers are just some of what it can encompass.


In other news

Progress on my book is going well, developing new characters and twists! Feeling rather excited about this book. I am in no rush regards it, just enjoying how the story is unfolding!

The FREE eBook covers are all still available. These will all be removed from this blog at the end of June. So if you know someone who might like a cover for their book let them know about this blog.


                    'Write from the heart. The heart is a good place to start' - by Jess

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

One Poem = One Book ?

On many of my visits to some online bookstores, I have noticed somewhat of a trend amongst writers to publish 'book/s' containing just one poem or one short story or a story that is extremely short,  and nothing else!

I fail to see the relevance in publishing any of these, and justifying it by calling it a 'book' or the writer claiming to be a 'published author/writer.'

This appears to occur mostly with Indie 'writers' perhaps just 'testing the waters' or having the 'urge' to publish something. I have seen an influx of these types of books in recent times. Personally I do think it undervalues the Indie writing industry.

One poem or one very short story does not constitute a book. I really think there should be a set  minimum word count in order to have a book published by the Indie publishing companies.The word count would be relevant to each genre. It would mean that at least there would be no 'clutter' of these supposed books and would be a good 'tidy up' of the industry, so we can all be taken more seriously by main stream publishers.


In Other News

Free e-Book Covers are still available but for a limited time. The free e-book covers will be removed by the end of June from this blog  So make sure you get them while you can. 

I have been considering if book reviews are the way to go with this blog. I have read a number of articles about such plus book promotions on blogs, and as a result feel I should either limit these to a handful at a time or remove it altogether from this blog! Will have a think on that.

My next novel is taking shape slowly. I am very happy with how it is turning out, but still have a long way to go with it. I am somewhat reluctant to make pubic any previews or quotes just yet. The book is a totally new territory for me but it has also been the book I have always wanted to write! This book is unlike any of my other published works, in which I always had a running title, had an idea about the cover and knew the full story, just had to write it - but this novel has thrown  me completely I don't have any of those things I had when writing my previous books. There is no title, no idea of cover design, no idea of where the story/characters are taking me. I have never under taken as much research nor have I written character bios, even down to dates of birth, before.  I am taking my time with this book. I am in no hurry to complete the story nor am I publishing any promos, not until the final edit at least. I have had portions of this book read by a couple of beta readers who told me they loved the story. So not leaving it just at that, I want it to be the best one I have written so far and to surpass all my other books. Well I am hoping that's the case!



Wednesday, 9 April 2014

The Pages Turn

Note that the FREE eBook Covers are up on this blog. All are still currently available details via top tab on this blog.

Since completing the e-covers., I have gone back to working on my next novel, which is slowly taking shape. Still researching and taking notes. The story is unwinding very gradually.  A short preview will of the novel will be available later this year. Publication is either late this year or early 2015. I am not rushing this book nor am I a book mill.

That's the thing I do not understand how some people can churn our books like switching on a conveyor belt and et voila! I still do not know how they do this! In another blog post I mentioned about how some authors just never seem to be off the Internet. They're always there on social networking sites, yet manage to be a book mill at the same time! It is quite possible they may have someone else to write on those sites, who knows!

For my next book I intend to take as long as I need with it. I am taking care of the story as it is one that I have always wanted to write since I was 17 but never got to do so, until now.  I have no title for it nor any cover, these will come much later. This is the first time for me this has happened, writing a book without having the title or the cover first!

It will all be worth the wait in the end.

 Next blog topic is the  'one poem/one short story 'book'

The unread story is not a story; it is little black marks on wood pulp. The reader, reading it, makes it live: a live thing, a story.- Ursula K. Le Guin