Monday, 7 July 2014

Today is the day!

Hello there! It has been a rapidly busy past while for me. Although I have been somewhat absent from here,  writing is a continuing factor for me for my next novel.

At the moment I have brought my novel to NaNoWriMo to help push me further and get this novel hurtling towards the end. The end is never an actuality it is rather a premise for editing, and re editing, grammer and spell checks etc. A methodical microscopic chisel away at words, bleeding them away till I have what will be the final render. 'The piece de la resistance,'  the creme de la creme (complete with French accent to boot!)  as I happen to call it lol! etc etc and so forth!
Leaving behind a dusty road spewed with letters and some million other sentences that failed to make the grade!

The task in hand is never actually the task you first set out with, its like that vision you have in your mind, never really expresses itself they way you want to on paper or some negative white pixelated screen that glares at you like some menace!

All that said and done, I am hoping that this novel will be publication ready late next year. Fingers crossed. Yes, it is going to take me that long, and yes, I do hope it will be next year...we shall see!

So this is me signing out until the next post here...

Have an inspiring day :)


              'Write from the source of all knowledge ...your  dreams and imagination!'

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