Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Looking Ahead

In the next coming weeks, I hope to have a completed manuscript for my next book. I would like to emphasise 'Hopefully.'
In the meantime I will be changing how I post on my blog..I will be including more reviews plus news etc from all aspects of the literary world.

In this blog post for today poetry is taking the forefront. I have many particular reasons why I wish to write on this subject. For me, poetry is a definitley a personal thing, but it is also something that other poets and readers can relate to. I have been writing poetry since I was knee high to the ground. The first one I recall writing was called 'Winter' and it won first prize in my school class. Of course I was delighted. In my mind though, it is not about winning awards or such high notes, for me it is all about reaching out to the world, reaching out to writers and readers alike.

Poetry today is very much in the frame of 'modern art' like a Piscasso, trying to decipher its multi facted layers and its true meaning! Art forms in many disciplines have also taken a 'bashing' because of how things have progressed. Only recently ballet has now been labelled a sport, mainly for its competitive nature and gym like dancers and choreography. To dance now you have to be a gymnast, a breakdancer and athlete, in strength, stamina and athleticism, I should also include the ability to defy gravity! It was commented on in an article I read about how ballet is less about art and becoming more sportlike. You can read the article here

The reason I brought ballet into this, is because the same thing is happening with poetry. It's less about feelings, emotions and more about static words, hyped and complexities of words. I recently came across a focus group on poetry. They speak of writing peotry with emotions, teaching etc. To quote what they said,

''Poetry is a form of writing used to express someone's feelings/opinions/a moment. it can rhyme and it can NOT rhyme. also, there is freeverse, where there is no rhyming scheme and no set numbers of lines in a verse. for more info read other definitions. A scramble of words that may or may not make sense to the reader, but always means something to someone.'

You should write poetry how you feel/see it and not have to conform with some standards that set the bar as exclusive or only for those that are educated with degrees in English, History and so forth. Poetry has to be accessable and not always conformist. I write where my emotions lead. I am a Romantic poet, I love Regency and Victorian times. No ,I have not read many poets of those times, but a lot comes from my love of those times.

It is with this I will close this blog for today. I hope what I have written means something to someone.

More updates soon.  


'Poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings: it takes its origin from emotion recollected in tranquillity' - William Wordsworth                                             

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Changing Posts

Well since I have not published a blog update in a while, it is high time I did just that! So here I am.
What's been happening?! When is your next book going to be published?
At the moment work is going steady albeit slowly on my next book. More info on it soon.  My next novel will not be available this year and quite possibly next year either. I am treating it like a piece of art or should I say like cheese, it will mature with time...wait isn't that wine?! Lol!
I want readers to feel immersed in the story, which will be rich in detail, textures, colours, with lots of dialouge and description to satisfy readers who have a penchant for either or both.

Later in November I will begin work on an audio version of my first book, 'The Promise'

So there is lots ahead just moving along at a nice pace.

Aside of my news updates, I just would like to mention that I will be changing a few things about this blog. I know I just seem to talk only about what I am doing, in my updates, well I want to include other news from other indie authors and helpful hints and tips.and lots of other new info and things that maybe of interest to authors. So will be changing the usual format soon.

See you very soon for the next blog post.


                                              There is no time like the present