Sunday, 10 June 2012

A Personal Tribute to the Wonderful Carl Cropley

This is a very difficult write for me, for many many reasons. Where do I begin and is there an end?!

I have been blessed to know Carl Cropley. I never imagined in my whole life that there was such an amazing and beautiful person in this world of ours. I got to know Carl as far back as 2004.
From there an amazing and magical journey began, and it still continued and is still continuing!

I found in him a true friend and so much more. He was always willing to help me and to push me forward in my life. He would say, Don't do it for me...Do it for yourself or his famous words 'Get on with it!'  He felt time was of the essence, he loved life and all its new adventures and new doors to open!

Gifted and wise beyond his years, he instilled  in others a sense of purpose and perseverance. His skills as a digital artist and animator were second to none! He was the best in the business. I know he would say thanks in a humble manner and would shrug the notion that he was so, because he would always say that he is doing the best he can, and that was all that mattered to him.

Carl had a great passion for his work. He always said he was like a sponge soaking up the next
big digital innovation and software. He was the 'tutorial man!' He would watch so many, and was always learning too from the best in the business.

He always asked me my opinion on some things or what I thought in the early days, mostly that was because we both had a creative eye. He would always analyze things and think deeply, before making any decisions.

Some of his work I have been fortunate to see in its early stages of development, design and concept. Here is one:

I have many wonderful memories of Carl. He was a HUGE movie fan! He took in everything to do with film, film making, VFX, photography etc,. He knew I loved movies and instilled in me a different way to look at them through a creative eye and since then I do.

He was bitten by the film bug at an early age, sitting up watching horror movies when he was little. From what he told me he wasnt scared but would fall asleep when they were on. He was never afraid.

Horror movies didn't scare him. He would watch the movie 'Saw' without being scared. He had more guts than I to watch them. He never asked me to watch any as he knew I didn't like them.

Always putting others first before himself, He always made everyone feel at home and looked after. He had an infectious laugh and smile, that would cheer anyone who felt down.

In the early days, he used to only sing what he called 'Pub Songs' but he never really did karaoke. He used to 'sing' his pub song ' Sheep Dip Scooby Doo!' in a way that would make you smile and he would say he never had a singing voice, but I always told him he had a lovely rich warm voice and that he should sing more stuff.

I am glad he joined Bevox and sang with them. He was challenging himself and that was typical of him,always trying out new things.

He was always interested in doing things, new things and opening up a whole new world.

I have many photos of Carl, I have my favourites, and here is a personal favourite from my collection.

 I have wonderful, happy memories of Carl. There is so much more I would like to say, but he would have said, I have said enough and that it will bore people!

In closing my tribute to a beautiful spirit, I just wish to thank Carl for allowing me to know his loving and caring family and friends. No greater friend have I known before, and one that has left and made a big impact on my life since 2004 and has and will  for ever more.

He loved a lot of people and a lot of people loved him.

He will never ever be forgotten. Loving care to the people close to his heart, to all his family and loved ones may you all find strength through the beautiful happy memories of Carl you have in your heart.

His star is shining ever brighter.

Thank you my dearest wonderful friend Carl. Good night and sleep well

Your friend always

Jess xx

In fond and loving memory of Carl Cropley 13th July 1964 - 6th June 2012 

For Carl:   
                       'Have fun storming the castle!'

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