Wednesday, 18 July 2012

From the pen of a Dreamer!

Writing is still ongoing for next two books,
'The Seasons May Drift' and 'Gossamer Wings and Other Things' all is going slow but steady.

I sometimes wish that I could write my works the old fashioned way, with a quill and ink! I remember buying such when I was in my early teens. I liked parchment paper, quills, ink and the topping ,,, a wax stick and a seal.

I tried to work out some calligraphy, or fancy writing, as I called it back then, with wonder and awe. I would sit by candle light and write with my quill, and feel transported back through time!  I would write poetry, making it look like a royal letters patent, trimmed it, applied the wax ,a red ribbon and seal,  then I would roll it up and tie it with a ribbon! I felt happy with my little creation!

I also tea stained paper to make it look old and made up fantasy maps of  mysterious lands and islands. It is a good way to make up some stuff the characters in your book may have or may use, so it brings to life the character you are writing about for your book.

So get your imagination going! The world's your oyster with a pearl! :)


'If you can tell stories, create characters, devise incidents, and have sincerity and passion, it doesn't matter a damn how you write.' - Somerset Maugham


T.Pittman said...

I have always been fascinated with the quill and ink, though I've never had the opportunity to try it. Probably for the best, I can see what a mess I'd make. However, I do still enjoy pen and paper and I will often grab whatever paper is available--be it napkins, receipts, or a notepad to jot down ideas, plots, or characters. Sometimes whole chapters. And I love doing maps. :D

Jess O'Connell - Author said...

I still write using pen and paper though sometimes on my laptop. I find more inspiration comes when not using my laptop, something so clinical about it. Though I would love to try writing by quill again! Thank you for your comment T Pittman :)

Carla Martin said...

I used to love using the old fashioned way of in quill and pen! Love parchment paper too!

I find writing a truly inspiring way to make a living! If I were better at it I would definitely choose that as a way of living! However I am happy with the choice I have made so that is good but I do admire any good writer as what better way that to leave a legacy of enjoyment for future generations to come!

Very enlightening!

Inspiring too!

Thank you Jess!

Love the music!

Beautiful site! Takes one to a higher plane!


Carla Martin said...

P.S. Apologies for typing errors bit late for me! That is my excuse that and the fact that I make an absolutely hopeless secretary! he he

Jess O'Connell - Author said...

Thank you so much Carla for your comment. I am happy that you like my blog and music.

I only saw your post here just now, and it is late too. Been writing as its the quiet time aka the early hours of the morning perfect for writing!

Don't worry about typos, we all make 'em! Thank you so much for your kind words :)