Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Finding Focus!

Having a busy mind filled with an endless list potential books isn't helpful when trying to write a single one! How many projects have you started and not completed?! Is it sitting somewhere in a randomly named file you forgot on your laptop or pc, and left after the first few dozen words?

Well if that has happened to you, then we are on the same page! I have many incomplete stories, and potential novels. There are lots of writing files on my laptop, all needing some attention!.

But learning to complete one book before moving to the next, is a learning process. We all get distracted by our creative mind and imaginings, daily life. We want to write right now but then lose the inspiration somewhere along the way and drop it into a file and move onto the next possible  forthcoming best seller!

Focussing on just one project can be tough sometimes, but persistance can pay off! The best thing is to write what you know. Sometimes it is putting the magic into the book can be the hardest but keep at it.

Imagine your book as a road you are travelling and as you keep going you will be faced with roundabouts, twists and turns! It is the twists, turns and roundabouts you have to try to avoid they are the distractions along the way to your goal!

Find out what works best for you!


News Update

Writing is still ongoing for my next book, more details on that. later  A new video trailer will be released next month and my first audio book of, 'The Promise' will be available in the coming months. Other news of which I am excited about soon!


                                'Easy reading is damn hard writing'.  ~Nathaniel Hawthorne

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