Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Vintage an Advantage!

Rummaging through a bookstore in a market can be most enjoyable. Mountains of books but the one thing that always catches my eye are those books whose bind and covers are coming away, or ones that have that 'well read' look. I love hardbacked books the older the better.

One of my favorite finds recently was that of a book published in 1913. 'Under Five Reigns' by Lady Dorothy Nevill.   I had never heard of the author before, and  had to look her up in the internet.

 What made me buy this book, is the little introduction of which there is a copy of her signature. (which you can see here!) The introduction was worded perfectly and very inviting. The fact that her book  was edited by her son was really nice.

What is the book about, you ask? It is about socialising and the social graces of gentry at the time of transitions of  higher powers in England at the turn of the century (1900) from Lady Nevill's social diaries.
It offeres a glimpse into a time now long gone. A charming book!

I recently found another book that I just could not resist buying, even though it is all in French.
'Une Heure De Musique avec Berlioz'  published in 1930 in Paris. This little book of 62 pages is utter charm!  It contains sheets of music by Hector Berlioz 1803 - 1869 and also has a short biography of the Monsieur Berlioz

What made me buy this book, even if I cannot read most of it. you ask? It had a lot of character and I love books that invite you in before you even see what is contained in the book. So it was the cover that did it.

What I find fascinating too, is old libraries. Like those in large country estates where you have a floor to ceiling library filled with hardbacked books from many years or centuries  ago. It has that air about it...the smell of old books..and I am pretty sure a lot of them have never been read! The hardbacks with gold embossed titles. Like lyrics of songs, they sing to you and the echoes of a generation long gone, can be very inviting.

There is so much we can learn from our past authors who were and still are masters in the field.  I had an old saying once ' To look back is to look forward!'

This is why both cover and introductions are hugely important in getting people to read your books. Well thought out and worded can mean so much to the reader.


Update: Writing on my next book is still continuing. The new video for the book will be released soon. There are two other books also in the pipeline, More news very soon.


                                            'Books are a uniquely portable magic'  ~ Stephen King

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