Saturday, 14 March 2015

A long time ago....

Hello!! So I haven't posted since last year! I haven't written my next book in the last while either! Largely due to my artwork, which had taken precedent over my writing. Just to let you know I have decided to finish my next novel but in an on and off fashion. Some days I will write, some days I will not. I love my writing but I also love my artwork. Trying to marry the two is a struggle!! Sacrifices have to be made I guess!

I have, in my time away from writing, have thought more clearly about what the story is and an important change for one of my characters. The main character has a name problem. I really can't decide what her name is. Soon as I think its right, it starts to wain on me and eventually I don't like the name, it feels so not like her character. She is the only character that I am struggling with name wise.

I have in development another three books. They to me, are all the novels I will write, because they will take a good bit of time to write, I just hope I get to write all of them. (Fingers crossed!)

One book is a series of two or three novels. I have the title for it, the setting and an idea of the story.

The other is a sweeping historical novel. Again, I have the title, the setting and sort of an idea of the story. 

The novel I am currently writing may not be released this year but more likely to be Winter 2016.

Been writing character bios and timelines.

Will update again soon. Sorry this one took so long, but better late than never!! :)


                'Time flies over us, but leaves its shadow behind'. - Nathaniel Hawthorne

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