Tuesday, 5 February 2013

...And Moving Right Along!'

I have now four books published! After the exhausting task of the last two books, exhausting in relation to their respective formatting  hell issues..argh!!

 I am thankful they are published, though there will be a revised edition of 'The Seasons May Drift' which will most likely take place in late spring.

I am currently working on two new books, one non- fiction 'Scenes from a Journey' and a new book, 'Times Hearts' a compliation of short stories, then after that work will commence on the revised edition of 'The Seasons May Drift', then the audio of my first book 'The Promise' and finally
later in the year or early 2014 a sumptous historical romance novel, of which I have the title for, but will keep it under wraps for now! Sorry I like keeping the suspense lol! :)

As you can see I have a lot of work ahead of me. As a note I just wish to say, I am somewhat new to the publishing world and writing the best I can. I am by no means perfect, in fact I can only learn as I go along and like anything else, improve on it. It is all a learning process and I am enjoying it so far minus the formatting hell I have been through.

I must say though, if it were not for a good friend and a couple of fellow authors my last book may not have been published. Here I wish to send some shout outs of thanks to;

Daniel Meza, for  the complete overhaul and sorting out the formatting.of my book.

Vanessa Finaughty, for the offer of assistance.

Alphya Cing, for the advice and offer of assistance.

Without any of you I doubt that I would not have got it published. So a deep hearted thank you to you all :)

If you wish to contact me and to be kept informed of my latest book news. releases and other literary endeavours, you can contact me. I hope to start up a small newletter soon. So if you would like to hear more, or to recieve the newsletter or would like to keep in contact please drop a line at : justjessauthor@gmail.com


                                    'Little by little one travels far' - J. R. R. Tolkien

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