Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Write'n'Read Read'n'Write

So far it has been a busy day!

Have lots to sort out with the books I am currently writing. All coming along nicely!

I am also reading a couple of other authors works, which I will be reviewing soon on here. Keep your eyes peeled for that.

Designing two new book covers along with a new cover for my Author page on Facebook.

News updates soon!


'Mother did not spend all her time in paying dull calls to dull ladies, and sitting dully at home waiting for dull ladies to pay calls to her. She was almost always there, ready to play with the children, and read to them, and help them to do their home-lessons. Besides this she used to write stories for them while they were at school, and read them aloud after tea, and she always made up funny pieces of poetry for their birthdays and for other great occasions.' - The Railway Children by Edith Nesbit