Monday, 7 May 2012

Brain Storming!

Collaborative work has begun on the book project. The genre has been decided and commencement of the book is already underway. The other author and myself are working on fantasy adventure novel. I have to say it has been an amazing couple of days! The book, as yet has no deadline, as we both have other projects to complete. More news on the project soon.

In other news, work is going well on my next book. I am at least 3/4 of the way through.  I have to re design my cover for this book.

The first part of a two part funtastic epic fantasy adventure series, is going slow but steady. I am well into my second chapter. Hope to have the first completed rough copy by the end of June.

Blog changes. I will be making new additions to this blog very soon, including a feature page for new works by myself and other authors, which will change weekly.

Lots more news soon!


'It's the loveliest old shop straight out of Dickens, you would go absolutely out of your mind over it.
There are stalls outside and I stopped and leafed through a few things just to establish myself as a browser before wandering in. It's dim inside, you smell the shop before you see it, it's a lovely smell, I can't articulate it easily, but it combines must and dust and age, and walls of wood and floors of wood
.' - 84 Charing Cross Road by Helen Hanff