Thursday, 20 February 2014

Characters - On your eBook cover or not!

Having been immersed in design for an eBook cover for a fellow author, something popped into my mind, whether to put a face/person on the cover of the book! I thought of the novel, which I am currently writing, whether it is prudent to add such to the prospective cover.

I know it is up to the author themselves as to whether this is a good or bad thing. I could roll out the pros and cons of putting people or faces on the cover.
Let's say you go ahead and do just that. Blazing across the cover of your book is some hunky/fantasy/meaningful/handsome man or a sexy/beautiful/ethereal lady. What does that say to you? Does it give you an idea of what these people are like? Have you thought for one moment, that in doing so, that this could/maybe hinder prospects of getting your book turned into a movie? Why? Because the character/s have a face already, It is not in the readers 'minds eye'/ imagination... Hollywood likes to play around with characters, to find the 'one' that suits. It can also put the reader off, if he/she doesn't like the look of your character on the cover.

So let's say you don't put an image of your character on the cover. The readers will use their imagination to 'dream up' what your characters look like. They can then relate to the characters and probably feel immersed in the book. Books are like mysteries in side the cover. You can either give away the idea of the character from your mind, or you can leave it the reader, it is up to you.

Just think about it before you decide

Happy writing!


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