Monday, 13 January 2014

Light Bulb Moments


This is a short post today as I need to work on for my blog plus writing my next book, reading books for review purposes as well as designing an eBook cover for another author plus sorting out another blog to do with arts n crafts.

Current work is still going slow with my next novel. Whilst I have been writing it, I got inspiration for another novel, so wrote some pieces down with regards to it. I have so many ideas and sudden 'light bulb' moments that I hope I live long enough to write them.

Typically, it is always when I am writing a piece I get inspired to write another story. Writing is no easy task, but it is an enjoyable journey of magical proportions, which  is the stuff dreams are made of.

Next blog post next week. My posts on here will be intermittent for the time being until the new look blog is complete.


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