Tuesday, 31 December 2013

New Paths

A new year and a new beginning! So with this new year, I have decided to re design my blog. Oh I am not removing any of my old posts just changing the design, some of its contents, how I usually blog and so much more.

I want to make this blog more of interest to you, instead of just making announcements and updates on my latest work in progress, news etc, there will be plenty to whet your appetite.

I had felt for some time this blog needs a revamp so it will be re designed over the next week, giving the new year a good kick start.

Lots on the horizon and lots to look forward too. The past year just gone was such a mash up of good and bad, I am delighted it is now gone. So here's to 2014 for all writers and creatives out there, may it be the best productive and prosperous New Year you have ever had. All the best to you in good health and happiness! Enjoy 2014! Bring it on!


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