Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Writing for Reading!

Writing comes from the heart it is written through emotion, imagination, personal/world life events. It has many shapes, forms, textures, imagery, etc.

Today, there are a lot of writers out there, mainstream published, indie and unpublished, no matter what, we all share the love of writing, the sense of adventure and the endless goal to write that one piece that will be remembered forever, and too give the the reader something aka that read that keeps them coming back for more from the writer.

It is all about establishment, finding ones own niche, finding that place where one can remain... in other words to become the writer the reader wants.

Writing is an ongoing changing art form. Ever onward the writer forges his/her name in the cement of  literary history!

No matter what happens with ones writing material, it is the enjoyment of having ones writing being read by someone else in the world, which make writing such a enjoyable form of work.


'Read to write. Write to read '- Unknown